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S: Team Trap- Father Like Son
Chapter 4: Long Nights

13:25 PM, Wednesday
"Argh! I've had it up to HERE with men today!" Screamed Tuesday slamming the front door open wide for everyone to hear. Everyone in the household jumped, apart from Andie who kept starting at a wall playing the "Synonym Game". A faint crying noise came from upstairs, followed by Skaal groaning and shouting back, "Okay, who's the smart-ass that got Tuesday pissed?"
"Ya wanna know who? Bastards like you Skaal who keep patronising me!"
Korra rushed down the stairs to try and subdue Tuesday's rage.
"Woah, Tuesday, calm down a little bit."
"No Korra, I won't calm down- not 'till the guys on this planet stop acting indecent all the godamn fuckin' time! I swear to God, if another guy tries to grab my tits one more FUCKIN' TIME I'm turning Les! Outta my way." Tuesday said, shoving Korra (whilst trying to do it as gently as possible) and stormed upstairs. Korra heard a yelp from the corridor, which she suspected Skaal had walked outside his room to see what the commotion was and in turn gotten pushed over by the very temperamental shark. Finally, Korra heard a door fling open and then close again followed by a loud splash.
"What's wrong with Tuesday?" Asked Libby, who peeked her face through the door, not wanting to intrude.
"Men." Replied Korra looking at Skaal who began to regain consciousness.
He shot then both a glare. "What? How can you possibly think this is all my fault?"
"We're not blaming you" said Libby. "Just men as a whole."

23:05 PM, Friday
"Uhhh... uh... ahhahh... ohhh..." groaned a quivering voice originating down the corridor, followed by another person shushing them constantly. However, the moaning had not allowed the other residents of the base any sleep. Skaal hid his face trying to block out the strange noises; Korra indulged herself in several bottles of milk to diverse her attention away from outside; Amelia played loud music through her headphones to stop her mind from forming an image in her head thinking about the groans in the night; Lightning tried to clog his ears up with cotton buds he found in the bathroom; Libby twiddled her thumbs waiting for sleep to overcome her; and Libby listened in as she had just beaten her high score at the "Synonym Game" with a total of 56 and had nothing else better to do. All six of the teammates willed morning to arrive sooner.

06:00 AM, Saturday
Skaal, Korra, Amelia, Lightning and Libby sat around the breakfast table with rings around their eyes.
"Let me guess, strange noises?" Said Skaal turning to stand up and make some coffee for the five. They all nodded in agreement.

06:30 AM, Saturday
Half an hour later Andie had woken from her sleep and had reached the bottom of the stairs when she noticed that Libby, Amelia, Skaal, Korra and Lightning were half-asleep either lying on the floor, the big armchair or fidgeting on the stiff, uncomfortable couch.
"Good morning, Teammates. I notice that you are not fully alert today." She said in a dull tone.
"Meh," replied Skaal lazily waving his hand. "Man, I'm absolutely exhausted."
Andie suddenly picked up Skaal by the scruff of his neck and tossed him at the stone-cold steel wall, which caught Skaal of guard.
"OW! What was that for you psychopath?"
"You are now fully awake and ready for what could attack you next. Recent studies have shown that if an opponent receives a blow from an attacker then they are most likely to fight back harder through aggravation and or determination to be the victor." The monotone Malamute said sitting down on the couch where Skaal was laying.
"Pull another stunt like that and I'll prove that theory right!" Growled Skaal through gritted teeth. "You're lucky that you're new around here."
Just at that moment, Tuesday walked down the stairs and yawned. She was not casually dressed than usual.
"Morning all. Why the tired eyes?"
"I think you have the answer to that" accused Lightning looking his finger directly at Tuesday's face.
"Pfft, as if." She said pushing his hand out of the way and walking towards the kitchen. "You didn't let me finish: I think you AND Destiny have the answer to that."
Tuesday stopped abruptly and turned around, red in the face.
"Wha-? What are you taking about?" She demanded.
"Oh, boy" muttered Skaal.
"This going to be a fun morning" added Amelia.
The original title was supposed to be called "Things that go hump in the night" but it sounded to controversial. I promised some Tuestiny, and I delivered. Probably gonna expand this over the next two chapters.
BEB-Art17 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Student General Artist
Korra: * facepalm * lightning.........
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